First Flight After Spiritual Awakening

April 11th 7:03 Flight is ascending and its pouring rain against my window. beautiful and somewhat bittersweet. I'm off to a new beginning. As the rapid paste of take off builds up...I'm airborne just like that. I can see the world from a different perspective. Departures....the beginning of many according to my vision board. The clouds take over but I can feel the vibrations of the sky. It's saying welcome to your new life. A world where dreams come true. Ascending above the clouds I see light again. Sitting on the window seat of the emergency exit I see the wings of the plane. Egypt comes to mind....the symbol of the Sakura Bird with the inscription I want to fly... The Sakura Bird symbol is shaped in the exact shape of what we call airplanes today. Above the clouds I've never been so close to the sun...I was cold before takeoff but now I feel the gentle warmth. Flight....something we may have taken for granted in our true form. The amazement, excitement and beauty is as if this is my first flight. A blanket of clouds lie beneath me.......Spirit Airlines I'm started to think there is a theme here. As the sun sets it melts into the horizon turning the clouds pink below.. Beautiful is this creation, beautiful is Gaia. The descent...back to the earthly realm.. I was on high.. As the night falls and the cities become visible. I look up to the sky i was above.She is even more beautiful now. Lights sprinkled like glow in the dark plankton... This experience here on earth is a beautiful miracle. I am forever grateful for it and my awakening that changed how I view a simple airplane flight.

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