Reiki & Energy Healing


I will balance your chakras and clear your aura of negative energies promoting health, happiness and positivity


$65 1/2 Hour - $90 1 Hour

Intuitive Counseling & Coach


Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Awakening Coaching and Intuitive Counseling to help you navigate your ascension and align with your life purpose.

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Oracle & Tarot Readings


If your looking for Divine guidance consult with me and my angel oracle tarot deck to gain insight about your future, love, relationships, destiny and life purpose. 


Readings are for a Donation

​​Custom Made Healing Products Charged w/Energy


Everything is energy down to inanimate objects. of course living things have more of the life force energy within it. I have created a unique line of holistic products that will promote, health, wellness, positivity, love, abundance, and prosperity​, and confidence 

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Phone:  1.510.922.0228


Negative Energy & Cleansing
of Home or Buisness


Suffering the effects of negative and toxic energies could be the unbalance of negative energy in your home or Aura. I will conduct a clearing of negative and dark energies or entities that reside in your home. This clearing is also known to  manifest prosperity.

Services Cost $65and hour 1 hour minimum

Distant Clearing $50  I will  teach you how to clear and send healing and positive energy to your home

Private Skype Sessions
With Zen Mommy

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