Simone Rankin - Reed

In 2016 I had a massive awakening of consciousness, this awakening led me on a journey --- a Spiritual Quest of sorts to seek my true self and divine life purpose. Before My Awakening I was in a state of despair & depression. I was an orphan who suffered rejection from the families I was placed with. At the age of 14 I was introduced to a religious belief system "Christianity". I was a devout Christian who loved god and the bible. According to my belief system, this church was the only true church and I was willing to do anything to be part of it and go to heaven. I almost had given up my entire life for that. I willingly allowed myself to be controlled and manipulated in many ways through out my life. I cut off friends, family, and would not associate myself with non-church members all because I was told that the rest of the people are ungodly if they are not in my church. I believed that it was the only way I would go to heaven and see god. Then one day, they told me I could no longer attend church services because I don't have a job and a car. I was going through tough times. My daughter and I became homeless because her father (who is a church member) refused to pay child support. I had to move in with an unsaved roommate, I believe this was their motivation as told i could not attend. I needed god at that time more than anything. I was devastated. My belief system was so strong that I believed I was going to hell because I was kicked out of church and they made a decision that I coulnd't go back anymore. It didn't make sense to me. I loved god and everything about having a holy life. I was abandoned and left raoming around the streets of East Oakland. I was so naive that I met a man and let him and his kids move in with me. My life back then was a waking nightmare. He was toxic, a meth addict, and he was ruining the lives of his children, my daughter and myself. He began to manipulate and control me after making me invest into loving him and taking care of him and his kids (who were not all his). He was committing welfare fraud selling food stamps to Allen Temple Baptist Church for their Sunday dinner. As I started to experience this nightmare, I began to lose my mind. He would often brings drugs, drug dealer and shifty characters into my house. I was sheltered, I didn't know about drugs and when I realized it I googled every way to save him. All answers led me to "You have to leave a meth addict" they have to hit rock bottom. So I attempted to leave him multiple times but he cried, begged, and pleaded. He had tantrums and threaten me that he'll commit suicide. He promised to do to rehab so I stayed and married him to prove I would support him through rehab. Guess what? He didnt go! We even moved to a new city, a new environment, and he found the nearest group of meth addicts and started getting high again. I got pregnant thrice in one year; the 3rd time was with my baby Rainbow Baby Storm. During the second pregnancy, He abandoned me. We were renting a room and I had no idea that it was turned to a drug house. One day he took all the money out of my wallet and all I had and up and left with my car keys and left me there. I was held hostage at gunpoint while he was away with another woman. Due to so much stress, my baby's heart stopped beating. 2 months later he came back, by this time I found a new job and an apartment. He wanted to come home and promised me to change --- again. I accepted him back and he got me pregnant again and then tortured me. My life became very miserable. I suffered from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I almost lost my baby again. Storm was born on June 2016. My husband had taken me through the ringer yet I was so blind and willing to stay with him and forgave him. This time is different, I had been through hell and I prayed to God to show me if I should still stay with him or not. Within a couple days, I got my answer. He passed out drunk and I somehow figured out his phone password. I found out he was cheating with the woman who live upstairs in our apartment complex the whole time I was pregnant. I was devastated as we always fight about him going up there to hang out and shoot dice with the guys. He begged for my forgiveness and I said YES! But I was dying inside, hurting. I went to the bathroom grabbed a razor blade and cut my leg. Why? Because I was hurting so bad I needed to experience a physical pain. But something happened, I accidentally cut myself too deep. Blood was pouring out, I was scared. My husband acted as if he was going to the kitchen to help me but he walked out the door and did not look back. I couldn't go to the hospital because I fear of losing my newborn baby due to postpartum depression. That was the world that I thought I'll end up with if I leave the church. I was condemned to hell through a religious belief system. And I was in hell! That was the day I decided to pick myself up, stitch my leg nd put my life back together. I prayed, sent a message to god, the universe and I said, "This year, I want to find myself and love myself." The next day, a Zen Monk moved into my neighborhood. He was walking up the street meditating. I saw his Aura from a distance, even today I don't see Auras, my daughter does but I never have and I can not explain what I saw but I saw his. He greeted me and we talked. He taught me how to meditate and gave me a book by Thich Nhat Hanh. That was the moment that changed my life; I became Zen Mommy. I wanted to find myself, love my self, and be at peace. Little did I know I was going through my Spiritual Awakening that I was to become The Zen Mommy Lightworker, healer, and Spiritual youtuber. I woke up to my calling and I am here to help Gaia and raise the vibration of humanity. Too many people are suffering in this life and now, my life is dedicated to the awakening and ascension. In helping guide others through this process as well as the healing of the mind, body & soul (holistic healing).